XLR8 Sprints.com is a newly formed company,whos aim is to make sprint training and conditioning more achievable and accessible to people of all ages.

Devised by coach Howard Tarry of Altrincham and District Athletic club, the sessions available will appeal to children from age 8 yrs upwards, including  adult classes for those wishing to sample this type of athletic training that they may have not had the chance to experience before.

Those taking part will find that the sessions offer:

  • a variety of fun exercises,

  • in a warm friendly environment,

  • with realistic target setting for the individual.

For children Howard advocates that each child has the opportunity to learn how to train whilst at the same time having fun. In utilising reaction time games and short sprints, Howard can develop co ordination speed and agility in children taking advantage of the motor skill/speed window which is 6/9 yrs in boys and 6/8 yrs in girls.

As athletic development continues sessions would become more advanced taking the athletes into the Training to Train environment. Here the second window for speed for girls (12/14 yrs) and boys (13/14 yrs) can be developed. Having coached a number of local children to the English schools national finals, Howard has a vast experience of coaching in the latter phases of Training to Compete and Training to Win phases of Athlete development.

During his 19 yrs as a coach a number of parents have approached him during this time with enquiries on sessions for adults etc. As a result of the interest we have hopefully produced a fun way for Ladies and Gentlemen to enjoy sprint training encompassing a varied degree of exercises that have a realistic enjoyable level of intensity.

Having the experience and knowledge available we feel that we can train athletes from junior to adult to the levels they aspire to: and in the process make the expierience fun,build fitness speed and coordination, with progressive training pitched at the appropriate levels for those taking part.

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