About Howard Tarry

Howard Tarry is a local person to the South Manchester area. Born in Altrincham he went to school at Wellington Road Boys which was where he developed his love of Track and Field Athletics.

 Progressing this further he joined the local athletics club Altrincham and District AC, here he trained and competed at club and regional level in the sprint events 100m, 200m and 400m.

At 21 years of age Howard joined the police force and is still a serving police officer of what is now 28 years’ service, with the Greater Manchester Police.

Training four to five times a week alongside his police career Howard managed to continue competing, and as he had now a family and three children he changed his pathways athletically and chose the role of sprint coach at Altrincham and District Athletic Club in Timperley.

Howard completed his level 1 coaching qualification in 1998 and has since then progressed further to successfully completing levels 2 and 3.

During his coaching career at Altrincham, Howard has coached many athletes to success. Altogether his athletes have won numerous county championships which can be viewed on the Athletes profiles.

Most notably Howard has coached Great Britain Athlete Rebekah Wilson to winning a silver medal at the English Schools finals. He has also coached the following athletes to the title of County Champion and then on to the English Schools finals. Laura Chambers, Sophie Preece, Chayce Smith and Jack Bradburn.

A down to earth person, he would be the first to admit that he is a better coach than he was an athlete himself. During his years Howard has constantly evolved as a coach always reading and utilising new training ideas or methods to help the progression of the athletes.

With this in mind as he has devised his own take on sprint training and formed his own company XLR8sprints.com. He feels that with this platform he can deliver sprint training to all ages and abilities, focusing on developing and stimulating the athlete’s energy systems. Howards philosophy is that sprint training can be a fun way to improve speed, coordination, agility boosting overall strength and flexibility for a healthier way of life.

He believes that with the sessions he has devised, he can cater for the more experienced athlete requiring bespoke Training to Win, whilst also appealing to the novice who would enjoy a fun way to keep fit in a warm social environment.

In the future Howard hopes to deliver sessions to school children in both primary and secondary education. The emphasis being on delivering fun based varied activities, to stimulate the development windows at the optimum opportunity. In so doing would provide opportunity and enrichment for the child and promote the benefits of overall health and fitness for our children.